Nov 23 - Engagement

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9:50-10:30 - Session 1

10:40-11:20 - Session 2 (repeat)

11:25-12:00 - Job-Alike Chatabouts

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November 23:

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Breakout Sessions - All sessions repeated
9:50-10:30 & 10:40-11:20

SEL: Connecting Student Hearts and Minds

Delaine Johnson, District Coach/TOSA , Clovis Unified School District
Co-Presenters: Glen Warren, Director Literacies, Outreach and Libraries, Encinitas Union School District; and Mike Lawrence, Chief Maverick, MaverickLearning

Current events force us to examine the social-emotional side of educational relationships. How can we support learning by addressing interactions among the students, parents and educators we serve? Learn how to champion the whole student through technology-based connections and encourage empathy and relationship-building that works across schools and in the classroom.

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How to Lead the Way Through Modeling Engagement Strategies

Nicole Naditz, District Administrator (Director/Coordinator),
San Juan Unified School District

In this session, you will experience strategies you can embed into your own staff meetings with your practitioners to foster engagement and promote social-emotional wellbeing--strategies your teachers will be able to use in their own classes. Numerous resources will be provided.

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Communicate! Over, Not Under

Kristina Mattis, District Administrator (Director/Coordinator),
Marin Primary & Middle School

Even if there is no new news, let people know that. Embrace over-communicating so that no one comes back with "I didn't know." Join this workshop to learn how to develop a scope and sequence for a solid communications plan using the ADKAR project management model: Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability, Reinforcement. You'll have an opportunity to practice individually, gain feedback in small breakout groups, and apply to a real situation that you're experiencing at work.

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Engaging Students in Mathematics via Zoom

Tara McCartney, District Administrator (Director/Coordinator),
Elk Grove
Unified School District
Co-Presenters: Kami Cadeaux, K-6 Instructional Coach, EGUSD

Participants will hear about how our district provided PD towards distance learning implementation, and experience engagement strategies intended to involve all students in making sense of mathematics. Administrators will walk away with ideas to support teachers that range from low tech to high tech.

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DL Tips, Tricks, Hacks and Lifesavers for ALL!

Sarah Kohlbeck, Instructional Services Technology Assistant,
Shasta County Office of Education

As a practitioner of a zero inbox, many colleagues want to know my secrets. The secret is, there are now secrets, only tips and tricks you don't know about yet. Learn how to have email inbox freedom while becoming your most efficient self.

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Fostering Digital Citizenship in Your Students

Jonathan Gillig, Director of Digital Instruction,
Lincoln Unified School District

This session will focus on the tenants of Digital Citizenship and how Common Sense Media can play an essential role in helping schools engage students, teachers and parents. By using Google Tools, Common Sense Media has created an array of valuable resources for the classroom and the community to help foster the ethical principles inherent in Digital Citizenship. A manageable and meaningful path to Common Sense School Recognition will be detailed throughout the session.

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Modeling Quality Engagement Expectations

Stephanie Rothstein, District Coach/TOSA, Los Gatos-Saratoga Union High School District Co-Presneter: Becky Colling, Instructional Coach, Newhall School District Valencia, CA

How can meeting time be more effective and model the engagement expectations administrators have for their staff? Learn how to utilize Google Tools (Slides, Jamboard, Meet, Docs, Sheet, and Forms) to build engagement with staff and give them procedures they can use in their classrooms.

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Building an Online Community That Inspires, Empowers, and Engages

Lainie Rowell, Consultant, Orange County Department of Education

Gain knowledge as well as practical strategies for building community and making collaboration a natural way of teaching and learning at your site. The breakdown of the session focuses on the three main realms of learning with community: Learning from Kids, Learning from Peers, and Learning from the World.

If your team is ready to move from content consumption to content creation and community building while developing more self-directed learners, this session is for you.

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Esports and Distance Learning

Joe McAllister, Education Esports Expert at CDW•G

Esports can also be a complex venture for many schools, requiring research before putting a project into motion. Schools have leveraged esports for its community building. Students can develop soft skills, pursue career pathways, & plug into a social group; all from the comfort of their homes. Our experts have worked with hundreds of schools from start to finish on their projects & are ready to leverage that experience to help you get started with anything & everything in the world of esports.

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It Takes a Village: how tech use at home can strengthen learning in school &

Jamie Nunez, Digital Wellness Advocate, Common Sense Education
Co-Presenter: Sue Thotz- CA Regional Manager, Common Sense

As our students become increasingly distracted by tech out of the classroom, how can we support families to use their child's online experiences to strengthen their learning in school? Explore ways to engage families in set a foundation for learning at home.

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Session 1: Student Voice on Distance Learning and Engagement / Session 2: Unconference: Parent Perspectives on Student Engagement

Celeste Gutierrez, Student Leadership & Engagement Coordinator ),
Santa Cruz County Office of Education
Co-Presenters: Amity Sandage, Environmental Literacy Coordinator; Audrey Sirota, Arts Coordinator

In the first session, educators will have the opportunity to learn about student experiences specifically around the theme of Engagement during this time. All educators are invited to participate in a discussion with our students to gain insights into their overall health and well-being. Students will share their thoughts about the positive and challenging aspects of engaging and connecting both academically, socially, and emotionally during distance learning. During Session 1, you will hear from students and during Session 2, you will hear from parents. Session 2 is an Unconference* where participants will put on their "parent hat" and put aside their professional role for a few brief moments and reflect on what they are seeing in their own children's academic, social, and emotional education with distance and hybrid learning. Participants with a curious mindset who are not parents are absolutely welcome to join in the discussion. *An Unconference session is a loosely structured conference emphasizing the informal exchange of information and ideas between participants, rather than following a conventionally structured program of events.

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4 principles to build remote employee engagement

Burke Wallace, District Administrator (Director/Coordinator),
Ocean Grove Charter School

With remote work on the rise, schools have to reevaluate how to keep staff engaged. Staff may be feeling disconnected or uninspired. This presentation will discuss four principles to build remote employee engagement. Each principle will be broken down and examples will be provided of how the principle operates in practice. Attendees will be given opportunities to share their own experiences and will walk away with actionable items they can implement in their own school setting.

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Family Engagement During Distance Learning

Ruby Vasquez, District Coach/TOSA,
Pajaro Valley Unified School District Co-Presenters: Michael Berman, Director of Equity State & Federal Programs and Accountability, Brenda Guzman, Parent Education Specialist, Maria Aguilera, Parent Education Specialist

Come and hear how PVUSD is engaging with parents/guardians via the district Parent Engagement Network, Video Tutorials, Virtual Parent Sessions and more.

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