Personalized Learning

Come find out about how schools and districts are personalizing learning and providing individualized instruction while meeting the needs of all to ensure there is limited learning loss. You will also have an opportunity to discuss with your colleagues ways you are supporting staff and students with innovative personalized learning strategies.

Colette Bozek

Principal, Springs Charter School

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Colette Bozek is the Principal of Springs Charter School’s Rancho Cucamonga Personalized Learning Center. Colette is a systems thinker and social constructivist who believes that learning is constructed through interaction and language; each individual has their own cultural & personal assets that should be valued and celebrated. These ideas were formed through the nearly 15 years of work within Springs Charter School, School Retool work with the Hewlett Foundation, High Tech, High, Stanford’s, and Buck Institute’s PBL Leadership Institute. Colette is a doctoral student at Claremont Graduate University, and her research includes building teachers’ social and emotional competencies in social and emotional learning.

Devin Vodicka

CEO, Altitude Learning

Oceanside, CA

Devin is the CEO of Altitude Learning, the author of Learner-Centered Leadership, and three-times was recognized as California Superintendent of the Year (AASA, ACSA, and Pepperdine).

Andrew Schwab

Associate Superintendent, Learning & Innovation, Union School District

San Jose, CA

Andrew Schwab is a forward thinking educator who believes teachers and technology have the power to fundamentally change education for the better. As a change agent, he has moved districts into the future with Google Apps for Education, 1:1 student devices, and world class professional development programs focused on building teacher and administrator leadership capacity. As a Google Certified Teacher, a YouTube Star Teacher and a Certified Chief Technology Officer, Andrew has dedicated his career to fusing technology and instruction to transform learning outcomes for all students. In an effort to be more creative he switched from a PC to a Mac in 2009 and hasn’t looked back. You can find Andrew blogging at

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