June 18 - Wellness and Communication Strategies

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Breakout Sessions - All sessions repeated - 9:35-10:25 & 10:35-11:25

Fostering Teacher Resiliency in the Virtual Setting

Candace McIsaac, Santa Cruz/ Silicon Valley New Teacher Project, Program Director, Silicon Valley and Melissa Roberts, Santa Cruz/ Silicon Valley New Teacher Project, Director

How do we foster teacher resilience and continue to build a strong community? This session will model a few strategies to foster community building among your staff.

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Pathways to Well-Being: Helping Educators Find Balance in a Connected World

Susan Brooks-Young, TICAL Cadre, TICAL Cadre member

As we navigate the world of K-12 education in the midst of a pandemic, it's critical for educators to approach this new landscape with tools they can use to increase their sense of well-being, personally and professionally. School leaders who are centered influence teachers, students, and other members of the school community in positive ways. Attend this session to learn strategies you can implement today.

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Connecting... Virtually

Sherry MacDonald, Waterloo Catholic District School Board, School Site Administrator

I would like to share what we are doing to support staff, students and their families. I would like to share the approach our school has used and how we are continuing to support wellness through this difficult time.

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Creating Community Confidence with Creative Communication

Joe Marquez, CDW-G, Education Strategist

One of the constant struggles of a distance learning or hybrid environment is making sure all our our education community stakeholders have all the information need be be confident in the learning taking place. Emails alone will not be enough to curb confusion. Join us as we see how district/site administrators, Technology departments and as classroom teachers can create confidence with creative communications.

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Trauma Informed Practices for Schools (TIPS)

Kim Corneille, FosterEd, Senior Community Organizer/Project Lead

What can educators do to create more trauma informed environments, both in the classroom and virtually? Session will include: the definition of trauma and how it affects the brain/body, strategies that educators can use to be more trauma responsive, and the vital component of self-care.

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Triple P Workshop: Tips and Supports for Parenting in Uncertain Times

Heather Thomsen, Independent Practitioner for First 5 Santa Cruz County, Family Advocate/Parent Educator

This workshop will cover Tips and Support for Positive Parenting During a Pandemic.

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Cultivating SEL through Staff Meetings

Wendy Baron, Teaching and Leading for Social, Emotional, and Academic Development, SEL Consultant

School leaders and coaches can do a great deal to cultivate resilient, effective teachers; enhance the emotional climate of a school; and improve overall health and well-being by intentionally integrating social and emotional learning into every meeting and by building the capacity of teacher leaders to do the same in PLCs as well as department- and grade-level meetings. The result? Healthy, connected relationships; improved emotion regulation; and more inspired, engaged teachers.

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Connection Before Correction: Increasing engagement and motivation through communication

Julius Mills-Denti, Santa Cruz County Office of Education, Restorative Practices Specialist

This session will provide a very brief overview of the intersection of Restorative Practices and Motivational Interviewing before offering practical communication strategies to increase student and parent engagement during distance learning. Attendees will leave this session with an introductory student-centered conversational framework to utilize during zoom or via phone with students and parents, as well as a few SEL activities that build trust and help create conditions for engagement.

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Student Safety in a Digital Playground

Brock Carothers, gaggle.net, Regional Sales Manager / California

Gaggle is helping K-12 districts manage student safety on school-provided technology. Our tools keep a close eye on how students are doing in this “new normal” of going to school from home, helping districts identify those who may be struggling with being isolated and dramatic changes in their daily routine. Gaggle can give you peace of mind knowing that your students' mental health and safety are being monitored both during and after school hours in this new distance learning environment.

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The Importance of the Visual and Performing Arts During COVID

Audrey Sirota, Santa Cruz County Office of Education, Arts Coordinator

In this session, we will have a panel discussion highlighting the importance of the visual and performing arts for the acquisition of core academic content and the preparation for college and careers. We will discuss the data on arts education and the impact on students’ social and emotional learning. We will discuss how to preserve and maintain policies and programs in arts education during these trying times.

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Strengthening our Leadership During COVID Through Laughter, Presence, Vulnerability, and Curiosity

Roni Habib, Founder, EQ Schools and former Bay Area teacher

Being a conscious and inspiring leader that people want to follow during COVID requires skills. In our session together you’re going to get foundational skills that will allow you to lead with more ease, and more effectively. We’re also going to have fun and delve into the power of being vulnerable with like minded leaders so we are not facing our struggles alone anymore.

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Job-Alike #ChatAbouts 11:30-12:00

Join your colleagues in similar positions to discuss relevant learnings and topics brought up during the day. Click on the link to join the meeting.

Discussion Questions

1. What are you taking away from this day that you can implement in your school/district?

2. How are you working with your peers to increase capacity around areas discussed today?

3. Do you see any of these topic areas for your staff or parents?

4. What other support structures are needed to support you?