June 17 - Supporting Distance Learning Instruction

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Engaging learners with Hyperdocs

David Platt, Paramount Unified . District Coach/TOSA

In this sessions we’ll engage learners with the 5 E’s using Hyperdocs! Looking at a variety of models, we’ll see how Hyperdocs can be a way to get learners moving and engaged in a distance learning model and put less stress on the teacher (and learner) at the same time!

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Fact or Fiction? Media Literacy in 2020

Susan Brooks-Young, TICAL Cadre, TICAL Cadre member

The spread of disinformation is nothing new, but websites and social media make it far easier to distribute and more difficult to detect. Now that students and staff are spending more time than ever in digital learning environments, it's even more critical that school administrators understand the skills that staff and students need to differentiate between fact and fiction in the media. This session provides an overview of a comprehensive approach to offering this information.

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Support ELs and Special Needs Students from a Distance

Katherine Goyette, Tulare County Office of Education, District Coach/TOSA and Adam Juarez , Cutler-Orosi Joint Unified School District, District Coach/TOSA

Our students are no longer physically in front of us, so how do we provide scaffolds and supports at a distance? Learn free strategies and tools to disseminate to students and parents, backed by the neuroscience of Universal Design for Learning, to embed accommodations into learning experiences at a distance.

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Aligning Grading With Quality Teaching and Learning in a Distance Environment

Jen McRae, Santa Cruz County Office of Education, Science Coordinator, Dr. Marty Krovetz, Professor Emeritus, SJSU

This interactive session will discuss best practices in grading focusing on the four PLC questions and the social emotional needs of students. Participants will have the opportunity to have specific questions addressed.

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The 4 MVPs of Remote + Blended Learning from an EduDuctTape Mindset

Jake Miller, Orange City School District, Teacher & Technology Coach

The “paradox of choice” leaves many educators too overwhelmed to integrate edtech tools into their instruction. However, in an era when utilizing technology to enhance learning and deepen connections with students is paramount, selecting and integrating tools is essential. In this session, Jake will share about how 4 edtech tools (Flipgrid, Screencastify/Loom, EdPuzzle, and Pear Deck/Nearpod) can work with the “Educational Duct Tape” mindset to can help educators overcome this paralysis.

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Remote Learning Strategies with Google Classroom

Joe Marquez, CDW-G, Education Strategist

Google Classroom is a great tool for classroom collaboration, but using it during remote learning requires different skills and strategies to execute. Come learn how to help your staff adjust to remote learning with Weekly Topic Strategies, video instructions, streamlining classroom communication and more.

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Love Before Lessons: What High School Counselors Learned During Distance Learning

Christie Danner, Scotts Valley High School, School Counselor

As HS Counselors, we have learned how to reach students and measure their academic and emotional needs during distance learning. Within the last couple of months, we have found some unique issues and trends that our students are struggling with at home. Academic Motivation, Self Care and Relationships (with teachers and parents) are at the top of the list. We will provide some tools, techniques and resources to help administrators and counselors support students with these challenges.

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Distance Learning Consortium

Karla Estrada and Chelsea Kang-Smith, California Collaborative for Educational Excellence, District Administrator

The CCEE DL Consortium involving Kern County Superintendent of Schools, Orange Department of Education, San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools, and the San Diego County Office of Education formed to collaborate and build DL content to share with other LEAs. The CCEE DL Consortium weekly lessons and content are aligned to CA Common Core State Standards and include Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles, and English Language Development (ELD) strategies.

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Digital Design Strategies! Enhancing Digital Equity Through Student Voice!

Martin Cisneros, Berryessa Union School District, District Administrator

It’s 2020, you have the digital and connection path; you have one to one at school; the digital equity issue is more profound than access. It’s about what students can do with technology. In this session, educators will build their toolkit of digital design strategies to increase student voice through enhancing student agency, collaboration, and peer feedback, while supporting student growth in building modern knowledge.

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Distance Learning Strategies for Inclusive Special Education Instruction

Ariana Flewelling, CDW-G, Education Strategist

In 2018-19 7.1 million students received special education services under IDEA. While remote learning this spring, there were questions about how to continue to provide services to these students & their families. In this session, resources will be shared to address virtual IEP meetings, creating technology vetting procedures to ensure accessibility, recommendations for distance learning scheduling, & designing accessible digital materials & learning opportunities.

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Create A Culture Of Collaboration at a Distance: Leveraging G Suite for Administrators

Bill Selak, Hillbrook School, Director of Technology

Learn ways that administrators can leverage Google tools to lead. Use Classroom or Docs as a virtual meeting log, collaboratively create and share custom maps using Google My Maps, leverage Chrome extensions and Add-Ons for productivity, and create templates for school events by hacking Google Slides! Become a distance learning leader with Gsuite!

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Lightspeed/ViewSonic A/V for Distance Learning and Collaboration

Missy Pontarelli, Lightspeed Tek, Manufacturer - Lightspeed, and Tony Zeikle, Lightspeed, and Dan Sharpe, ViewSonic

In light of new guidelines, returning to school in the fall looks very different across the nation. Ensuring that your teachers have the appropriate tools to support switching seamlessly from distance learning to in-school learning at the drop of a hat if essential in this uncertain time. Join us for a quick run-down of how your district can be supported with an enhanced A/V experience. We will be reviewing what A/V hardware and software is needed to support your teachers and students in the normal classroom, the hybrid classroom, and the virtual classroom. "See" you all there!

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Job-Alike #ChatAbouts 11:30-12:00

Join your colleagues in similar positions to discuss relevant learnings and topics brought up during the day. Click on the link to join the meeting.

Discussion Questions

1. What are you taking away from this day that you can implement in your school/district?

2. How are you working with your peers to increase capacity around areas discussed today?

3. Do you see any of these topic areas for your staff or parents?

4. What other support structures are needed to support you?