Nov 24 - Innovation

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November 24:

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Preschool in the time of Pandemic!

Gerry Lopez, School Site Administrator (Principal/Ast. Principal ect), Milpitas Unified School District, Co-Presenters: ) Alyssa Mae Casilla, Preschool Teacher, MUSD, Theresa Trinh, Preschool Teacher, MUSD

Elaborating a distance learning structure is challenging enough when you apply it to a TK – 12th grade setting; it was mostly unimagined for the preschool setting. So, we imagined it and came up with one. Our Distance Learning model incorporates Google Hangout Meets, SeeSaw educational application, language-specific groupings, a dedicated YouTube channel and monthly, hardcopy, themed, packet distributions. That’s how we do Preschool in the time of Pandemic!

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The Audacity of Light: Re-evaluating Today's Classrooms as Learning Spaces

Devin Rossiter, Academic Coach, Walter Stiern Middle School/Bakersfield City School District

Devices and connections are more accessible than ever, yet our classrooms are becoming increasingly isolated and closed off. In anticipation of more of our students returning to campus, how might we break away from being tied down by digital resources and front-facing displays? Join Devin Rossiter as he shares how his Innovator experience reshaped concepts of learning spaces by reimagining what defines a classroom in modern education.

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Moving Teachers from Fearful to Flexible within Dynamic Learning Environments

Kristen Beck, District Administrator (Director/Coordinator), Western Placer Unified School District, Co-Presenters: Traci Jensen and April Rennie

See how 15 days of PD transformed our district's Ed Tech culture and blended learning integration, from 5% to 85%, while preparing for and implementing distance learning.

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Digital Tools for English Language Learners

Brian Lopez, ELD & Intervention Teacher, Rosemead

Level the #edTech playing field by having English Language Learners use basic digital tools to create original works of digital media, while learning in English!

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Digital Learning: Moving Beyond

Brian Wise, District Education Technology Specialist, Ceres Unified School District

Distance learning has certainly been an adventure. As you transition from distance to hybrid learning--and eventually, reopen fully, you will need to develop versatile professional learning experiences and resources to help take your organization to the next level.

Learn about the flexible EdTech PD program we've developed, which includes live webinar trainings, prerecorded Edpuzzle activities for staff, and badging options. Bring your ideas and an open mind, and let's learn together!

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Evolving Learner: Creating a New Vision for Teaching and Learning

Lainie Rowell, Consultant , Orange County Department of Education

Amidst challenging and uncertain times, educators and leaders have the opportunity to rethink school structures and evolve! Learning from kids, peers, and the world, we can focus on redefining roles, building community, nurturing the whole child, and propelling students and teachers to become the true catalysts of their own learning.

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Creating school culture with google classroom

Scott Jonard, School Site Administrator (Principal/Ast. Principal ect), Community Outreach Academy Middle School

In this session you will learn how to use Google Classroom in innovative ways to create amazing school and classroom culture in Distance Learning or in person. All levels of Technical experience and roles at schools will be able to take something away that they will be able to use immediately.

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Achieving Equity Using Outdoor Learning

Amity Sandage, COE Coordinator, Santa Cruz County Office of Education,
Co-Presenter: Heath Molloy, Director, Santa Cruz County Outdoor Science School

Learn how a district has increased student success and engagement in distance learning by moving instruction outdoors. The innovative Science Outside Schoolyard Childcare program provides a combination of distance learning support, SEL through enrichment and nature connection and much needed childcare for families struggling during the pandemic. The program is also exploring adaptations to new settings to continue addressing equity issues in future post-covid programs.

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Any Time, Any Place Learning: Using Google Sites to Create Asynchronous Resources

Bill Selak, District Administrator (Director/Coordinator), Hillbrook School

Use Google Sites to create a library of resources for faculty, staff, & parents. With new procedures and systems, effective communication is critical. With Google Sites, important information & resources are always available, perfect for just-in-time learning.

Learn how to organize resources to help teachers leverage technology to make hybrid and distance learning more efficient. Extend this idea by creating additional Google Sites for substitute teachers and tech resources just for parents.

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Student Voice leading innovation

Celeste Gutierrez COE Coordinator , Santa Cruz County Office of Education,
Co-Presenters: Amity Sandage, Environmental Literacy Coordinator; Audrey Sirota, Arts Coordinator

This session will feature students who are participating in Santa Cruz County Office of Education’s Student Leadership and Engagement initiative that supports them in developing leadership and advocacy skills, affording them a powerful voice in their education. Student panelists will share their vision of what an ideal school and education would be and their creative ideas and concrete examples for making change.

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Considerations for Hybrid Learning: Pedagogy, Learning Model, and Technology

Maureen Corlett, Learning Environment Advisor, CDWG

Given the guidance from various California stage agencies, as schools plan to address hybrid learning, there is a lot to consider when defining what this looks like in your district. Whether teachers are teaching from classrooms or working remotely, there are pedagogical & technological options to consider to help students participate in learning. We'll cover pedagogical & learning model considerations as well as how technology and web conferencing and will affect your learning environment.

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5 Tips for Rethinking Professional Development

Ariana Flewelling Education Strategist, CDW

We're using more devices than ever before & companies continue to release new features, but how do you keep up? Many are implementing professional development platforms to address teacher needs, support families, & supplement district capacity. We'll discuss 5 considerations for implementing a PD platform to address these use cases to help you pick a platform aligned with your district's needs. These ideas can help improve your PD strategy's efficiency & effectiveness to help drive adoption.

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