June 16 - Redesigning Schools

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Breakout Sessions - All sessions repeated - 9:35-10:25 & 10:35-11:25

School Redesign: Superintendents' Mindsets

Panel: Dr. Michelle Rodriguez, Superintendent, Pajaro Valley USD, Cheryl Jordan, Superintendent, Milpitas USD , Dr. Joe Sanfelippo, Superintendent, Fall Creek SD (Wisconsin)

Moderator: Dr. Faris Sabbah, Superintendent of Schools, Santa Cruz County Office of Education

Superintendents have a big job to do! They are working with their Boards to develop and/or update policies around learning, redesigning the school day in collaboration with their stakeholders, and are the face of the district when it comes to communicating to their communities. Hear directly from innovative superintendents on their process and how to best build a new model of schooling while ensuring equity is at the forefront!

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Quality Education for All: A New Approach for the Future of Education Guided by Access, Shared Humanity, and Taking Action for Social Good

Jennifer Williams, Take Action Global/Saint Leo University, Director/Professor

Join for this session showcasing programs centered on creating positive social change through innovative practices, meaningful use of technology, and access to taking action. We will examine ways to incorporate social good projects in classrooms and will dive into topics of shared humanity and empathy. Participants will leave with ready-to-go action plans to teach boldly now and with questions to consider in preparing for new shifts in education aimed at providing quality education for all.

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Outdoor Learning as an Asset in COVID-19 Instructional Models

Amity Sandage, Santa Cruz County Office of Education, Environmental Education Coordinator

This session will provide an overview of outdoor learning models as part of an effective response to COVID-19 that reduces risk of transmission; increases instructional space for student cohorts; improves student motivation, health and wellness; and connects schools to community-based partners for increasing instructional capacities.

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Reopening Round Table Discussion

Joe Marquez, CDW-G, Education Strategist

Join us for a round table discussion with district leaders and experts... YOU. With the vastness of health guidelines and teaching scenarios in our future would love to begin the conversation with a healthy discussion of your district plans and the hurdles you will have to overcome before the fall semester begins. Discussion will revolve around school opening scenarios, transportation, and solutions to the health guidance by the CDC.

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Screening for Elevated Skin Temperature - Policy and Design Considerations

Mike Sherwood, CDW-G, IT/Network

In this session we will present a high level overview of the technologies and key considerations when evaluating solutions for elevated skin temperature screening. Particular focus will be placed on the following areas: 1.) Importance of policy to guide proper technology decisions, 2.) Strategic solution vectors, 3.) Tactical Solutions, 4.) Operations and training, and 5.) Key considerations and next steps.

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Students at the Center

Audrey Sirota, Santa Cruz County Office of Education, Arts Coordinator Celeste Gutierrez, Student Leadership Coordinator

In this session, educators will have the opportunity to learn about student experiences during the current COVID epidemic. All educators are invited to participate in a discussion with our students as they share their thoughts and insights about distance learning, school design, and their social and emotional needs. After experiencing school in a distance learning format this spring, students will share their perspectives and ideas about how we might re-envision school going forward in the fall.

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Redesigning and Reopening Schools with an Equity Mindset

Ariana Flewelling, CDW-G, Education Strategist

Recent school closures and national events have underscored the importance of reexamining how schools engage with students. When reopening, equity must be at the core of the decision making process to meet the needs of this moment and establish foundations. Let’s reimagine schools in lasting ways to impact student achievement and spark learner empowerment. Topics of discussion will be: reconnecting with students, redesigning lessons for all ability levels, and prioritizing student agency.

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Hybrid Classrooms and Remote Learning

Maureen Corlett, CDW-G, Learning Environment Advisor

As educational institutions face the challenges of delivering instruction in a time of rapidly changing priorities, the shift from the traditional physical classroom to the hybrid classroom and remote learning models is transforming how schools engage, instruct, and assess their students. CDW and the LEA team are dedicated to providing the most advanced technologies to meet schools’ learning outcome objectives.

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Creating Future Ready Schools (Session 1 ONLY: 9:35-10:25 AM)

Tom Murray, Future Ready Schools / Alliance for Excellent Education, National Lead

How can schools transform to make learning relevant for today’s modern learners? Schools across the nation are transforming into ones that are Future Ready and are leveraging evidence-based strategies to support the transformation. Free tools/resources will be shared to support your school/district's transformation. This session will inspire leaders and provide a framework and free tools to transform their schools into ones that better prepare students for their tomorrow.

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Job-Alike #ChatAbouts 11:30-12:00

Join your colleagues in similar positions to discuss relevant learnings and topics brought up during the day. Click on the link to join the meeting.

Discussion Questions

1. What are you taking away from this day that you can implement in your school/district?

2. How are you working with your peers to increase capacity around areas discussed today?

3. Do you see any of these topic areas for your staff or parents?

4. What other support structures are needed to support you?