What is a Kicknote?

A kickoff address from a visionary educator. A keynote provides a key message for a conference, but we feel that ALL messages and sessions at this event are KEY to increase effectiveness at providing leadership in distance learning.

Tuesday, June 16th

Dr. Faris Sabbah

Superintendent of Schools, Santa Cruz County Office of Education

June 16 - 9-9:30

Restoring and Reimagining Schools

This pandemic has caused a shift in how we operate our schools and support our students, staff, and families. We will take a journey to share a new role of schooling and ways we can restore our institution to support learning and programs in the most efficient manner possible! We are moving forward together as a county in Santa Cruz. You will learn all about our regional efforts.

Wednesday, June 17th

Jon Corippo

Chief Learning Officer, CUE, Inc. & Author of EduProtocols

June 17 - 9-9:30

Lessons Learned > Looking ahead.

CUE hosted over 300,000 minutes of Zoom-based PD recently in one week, with educators all over planet. We've learned a lot about online teaching and learning the last couple of months. CUE Chief Learning Officer Jon Corippo is going to help you reflect AND get you fired up for what's possible.

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Thursday, June 18th

Roni Habib

Founder, EQ Schools and former Bay Area teacher

June 18 - 9-9:30

Resilient Leadership in the Face of Uncertainty and Turmoil

In this time of physical isolation and societal turmoil, social connection and self regulation has never been more important. Leaders are asked to trail blaze new paths that are inherently uncertain as the people they lead project their fears and anger onto them. Your capacity to lead nowdays is directly correlated to your capacity to stay resilient in the face of the unknown, to deepen connections with your people, and to maintain your wellbeing. In our short time together, you’re going to get two strategies to deepen connections and bolster your resilience. My intention is for us to have fun together, to gain useful skills, and to move through our adversity with care and guidance.