We are excited to have you present at our summit running through June 16-18 9AM-12PM PDT. The Santa Cruz County Office of Education, Technology Information Center for Administrative Leadership (TICAL), CDW-G, and Google are extremely grateful for you and your time. At the moment we have over 700 attendees registered. Below are a few pieces of information we wanted to share with you.

Please View the daily Schedule at a glance and your session on the website to ensure your session is faithfully represented. Sessions for each day are here: Day 1 , Day 2 , Day 3.

Please copy and include the following sponsorship slides HERE into your session slide deck so our summit sponsors are acknowledged. The Zoom slide can be added if you feel it is necessary.

Please also remind the participant to fill out the session evaluation form. We have included a link to the for if you wish to push it out to your participants.

Please also add any session resources to your session resources you have to the Session Document we shared with you previously.

Please join your session 10 minutes or earlier prior to your session to that you can ensure the zoom room is working properly.

You should have received an email with all of this information on Friday June, 12. If not pleased look in your spam folder. Contact Joe Marquez at